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ADHD – how to plan your child’s treatment successfully

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Okay. So at the moment you have taken the action of getting your stressed out child or teenager evaluated by an expert, and he has been identified with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The psychologist, or therapist, or physician now desires to start a healing course. But what are you supposed to know before you “sign off” on any specific healing plan?

Here are some propositions for you to think about. Given below are purely our propositions, but are founded on having worked with more than 1,000 children and teenagers with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Make use of your best opinion. Have a discussion with your doctor. We do not want to be blamed of practicing medicine over the Internet. The diagnoses that come along will differ based on your child or teen’s analysis.

All through the summer holiday and near the beginning of the school year we like to attempt the “alternative” involvements, such as homeopathy, our suggested eating plan, and necessary fatty acid supplements. EEG Biofeedback training is also a fine “alternative” healing for ADD. If these approaches are effective, and they will around 70% of the time, then we can keep the patient away from medicines and observe them do well.

If the analysis is made later on in the school year we have a tendency to propose tryouts of medicine right away for just about each one with Attention Deficit Disorder, aware that we have the summer coming up to attempt options that may be able to reduce the dosage of medicine in half, or do away with the requirement for medicine all in all. But later on in the school year time turn out to be a larger issue. We do not wish for the school year to be used up or lost, so we have to try the most forceful involvements at that time.

But here are our thoughts. Initially we would like to do what we are capable of to “salvage” the school year if we just have a few weeks left. Since medicines can start on to give improvements very swiftly, frequently the child will get through classes that he or she might have failed in another case. In addition, by having a “real world” tryout of medicine ahead of the summer holiday, we can use the advantages got from the medicine as a “bench mark” with which to determine the efficiency of the “alternative” healing that may be tried during the summer months.

Also, please keep in mind when talking about these propositions with your psychologist or your medical doctor, that ancient saying, “If the one tool that you have is a hammer, then all the world looks like a nail.” Specialists, who are not familiar with healing alternatives like the EEG Biofeedback training or the “Attend” amino acids, will have a tendency to mark them down straight away out of their lack of knowledge. I did this myself for years, and this is where you have got to come to a decision on yourself how best to lend a hand to your child or teenager with Attention Deficit Disorder.


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