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Attention Deficit Disorder – The Signs And Symptoms

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Diagnosis is difficult in cases of ADD because signs vary from child to child. The symptoms of the disorder may or may not be obvious.

First of all you must be clear that just because your child is hyperactive, he is not suffering from ADD. It is true that more than normal activities are a sign of ADD but not always so.
But, at the same time impulsive behavior, or less than normal attention, or more than normal distraction is a sign of ADD.

Actually, distraction and lack of attention go together. An ADD suffering child will not be able to stick to his work and will not pay much attention to details and may not complete his work. Although most children are like this but those who suffer from ADD show more extremes of this behavior can go on for more than 6 months. Thus his daily work is affected.

Kids having ADD are impulsive too. They may suddenly run away from their desks to see what is happening in the other part of the room. They may even give out answers in the class even if they are not asked. His behavior may be impulsive to such extremes. It is a common trait in all ADD affected children.

These kids attach themselves to everything that is happening. They may become hypersensitive and may not be able to concentrate on anything in particular. Hence their grades are lower than usual even if they don’t really have difficulties in learning anything because they don’t complete their tasks. Their attention span is so short that they are incapable of completing the work allotted to them.

There is difference in behavior among the two sexes also. Boys are more active and girls are less attentive in the class. It is difficult to manage both of them and both may be unruly in behavior or aggressive and may be even abusive. Thus it becomes very difficult to control them.

But all kids differ from each other. You will never find two similar kids. Only because your child is more aggressive than others don’t jump to the conclusion that he has ADD. Only a physician or a specialist can diagonise ADD.


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