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What Does A Diagnosis of ADD Really Mean

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About thirty years back, a child was a born voyager, rambunctious, or was said to have been gifted with great creativity or brainpower, if he seemed to be lacking concentration, and was impatient, and impulsive. These children, due to their lack in concentration at school, were often jumped ahead, since it was thought that the work was not testing enough to match their capabilities.

However, now when a child shows these symptoms, they are generally diagnosed with ADD, i.e, Attention Deficit Disorder, and are treated as soon as possible.

ADD is quite a new discovery, and is most commonly found among elementary school boys. A typical young boy would be seen to act on impulse, have too much energy, be restless, and having a problem with concentrating in the class. Moreover, these kids usually tend to spend 40-plus hours a week, in front of the television, or playing video games. It cannot be denied that many children do have a lot of vigor.

This distracted behavior can be caused in children due to various reasons. In some cases, these factors might be quite serious, and might not have anything to do with the psychology of the child, or the child’s fitness conditions. For example, the behavior usually observed in children, suffering from ADD, may be caused due to problems of child abuse or due to neglect. Usually, once a child is diagnosed with ADD, a drug like Ritalin is prescribed, and the child abuse is continued without interference.

The ADD symptoms may signify some severe psychological problems, such as the bipolar disorder, deep anxiety or depression or even defects in brain. However, in some cases, the causal factors maybe quite simple, like an allergy, sensitiveness to the environment, deficiency of nutrition, or excessive caffeine intake.

Therefore, the child’s parents and teachers, along with their doctors must treat ADD as a serious issue, which should be treated with not only medication but also proper investigation.


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