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What Is It Like To Live With ADD

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Life ahead may be easy for a child, a teenager, or even an adult diagnosed with ADD. For somebody, just diagnosed with ADD, predicting the life in future might not be easy, as one may not know how the symptoms would continue to remain and how the problem would be affected by age. However, thankfully, as time moves on, one starts to understand how to deal with ADD more efficiently, so that it causes fewer troubles in life.

Children with ADD are usually unmindful, reckless, or may get distracted easily or may show too much of goings-on. Also, the symptoms remain mostly the same even in other age groups. However, dealing with these symptoms does improve significantly, as one gets older.

The affect ADD can have on your life is largely determined by the medication you choose for treating the disorder. You may wish to consult the doctor to give you an advice on the future effects of taking stimulants, and also the implications of other medicines. Medicines are useful in dealing with ADD, though you can also try a behavior therapy too.

There are some characteristic traits, typical of ADD that you should prepare for in your life. These may be difficulties in being attentive to details, problem in remaining still for any span of time, being fidgety, or problem in being able to stay through and complete a given task.

Nevertheless, you can do a number of things in order to deal with the behavior typically related to ADD. To become more orderly and more managed in keeping things, an organizer can prove to be quite useful. For this, you can choose from anything like the effective book calendars to the digital organizers that are quite technologically sophisticated, to personal assistants. These will keep you well ordered, provided you are well trained to use these devices so that they can remember your important information and schedules.

These routines and schedules should be used to their maximum. You will naturally be inclined to forget and be careless. So by using a proper device you will tend to behave more unlike your nature and thus make lesser mistakes. So, it is always better to use automation.

You may also wish to be a part of groups, for support, or may at least want the company of the ones like you. You may feel the need for someone to confide in, who can understand you situation well. A person with ADD could be a perfect companion since they may be able to connect with you better than any friend or a family member, since they can support you only to a limit.


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