Popular Options for Gaining the Bonus Years Part II

Skin tightening is one of the most popular anti-aging treatments. Previously to undergo a skin tightening procedure would be very much like undergoing a face lift were incisions will be required, sculpting of the bone underneath the skin be done and then the wounds will be closed. Invasive procedures are common and are very effective yet current lifestyles requires less pain, a faster recovery period and less medication for maintenance and management of the wounds. Methods in the area of anti-aging treatments have gained fast advancements. Today, choices that get fast results to restore youthful looks are varied.

Radiofrequency skin treatments – Are comparatively fast and very effective anti-aging treatments. Thermage is a type of skin tightening procedure that uses a patented radiofrequency system. The way that thermage works is to heat up the inner layers of skin tissues so that collagen are contracted in areas that are being subjected to it. The radiofrequencies trigger collagen production that results to firm, tighter and a much younger looking skin. Since thermage works in a way that excites the production of collagen, the effects of thermage anti-aging treatments could be observed usually within 48 hours after the treatment and the results improve weeks to months afterwards.

Since thermage is a non invasive procedure, there is no recovery time. Usually the only visible effects right after the treatment is the reddening of the parts of the skin that were subjected to it. Some burning sensation could be felt afterwards but soon passes. Thermage ideally needs a physician’s approval although those that apply the thermage treatment are thermage approved technicians.

Injectable Fillers – Other non-surgical options for tightening up the skin is through the use of injectable fillers. In this procedure, collagen is injected directly to the skin and the results are readily visible. Injectable fillers are usually done to plump up the cheeks. It is also widely used to firm up and make better defined jaw lines. While injectable fillers were previously dispensed popularly in small amounts that usually deals with the softening up of wrinkle lines, it is also presently used for sagging skin that do not necessarily need trimming off.

The results are younger looking, stronger and firmer skin. Since this procedure do not require the knife, there is also no recovery time and the patient could resume normal activity after a little rest. The effects last up to two years. This procedure requires very little maintenance and no additional costs in terms of follow up procedures and management.

Collagen Building Treatments – The reduced amount of collagen and elastin as the body ages account for slower skin rejuvenation. For this, laser treatments as an anti-aging treatment options are excellent. The building up of elastin and collagen underneath the skin through laser method are quick procedures in which results are readily observable right after the treatment. Skin tightening through the building up of the skins collagen is long lasting and even improve weeks and months after the treatment. Since lasers treatments do not require wounding, recovery is fast and there is no downtime.

The procedures stated above are sometimes called lunchtime procedures owing to the fact that these procedures take very little time. Many of them could be done inside of one hour.

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