skin: Pandemic self-care: Clay that have multiple skincare benefits

Clay have been considered to have beneficial properties since ages. It has been used for medicinal as well as cosmetic purpose for the longest time. Don’t be mistake clay with just simple mud. Clay are extremely rich and have great amount of mineral properties that can heal a lot of skin and body issues.
Clay have multiple benefits on skin. It absorbs oil from the face, removes impurities, tightens the pores, it is also used in healing acne because of it’s cooling properties. Apart from all this, clay are also used to tighten skin and to boost collagen production. So here is a list of clay that you can use if you are facing any of the above mentioned issue.

Bentonite clay

This clay is known for it’s porous texture. It is perfect for extracting impurities from the skin. This clay also helps in tightening the skin and giving a youthful and fresh looking skin.

Cambrian blue clay

The blue clay is filled with mineral properties. Minerals like zinc, iron and algae is present in the clay which makes it perfect for detoxyfying for your skin. This will absorb all impurties from your skin.

Fuller earth

Commonly known as ‘multani mitti’ in India, fuller earth is great from skin. This clay is great for treating hyper-pigmentation. You just need to make a paste of multani mitti and rose water and just apply it on your face.

Rose clay

It is one of the most mild clay for when it comes to skin care. It’s perfect for those who have extremely sensitive skin. Its a great exfoliant as it helps in removing dead skin.

Rhassoul clay

Apart from being beneficial for your skin, this clay is equally good for your hair. This clay is used in hair care as it helps in clearing scalp and add volume and shine to your hair.

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