Daisy Shah reveals her skin care secret and how she gets the Navratri glow

Actor Daisy Shah believes in less in more when it comes to skincare. With festive season on in its full swing, Daisy shares how she takes care of her skin and gets that radiant glow. Here’s an excerpt from her interview.

Since you lead a busy life. How do you take care of your skin on a daily basis?

I believe in the adage “Less is more”, so I follow a simple skincare routine of cleanse, tone and moisturize. I believe that one should not overdo their skincare routine. I have personally experienced that the more you bother your skin, the more likely it is to breakout, so I choose to go with the basic routine.

Which is the most important part(s)of your skincare routine?

For me the most important part of my skincare routine is moisturizing because I’ve got extremely dry skin. I need to make sure that my skin is well moisturized, especially at night, so I apply face oil before going to bed.

Do you believe in the power of homemade face packs? Which is your favourite one?

I wholeheartedly believe in the transformative power that homemade face packs hold. My mother and grandmother have always shared with me the benefits of turmeric and besan flour in skincare routines. So I apply the homemade pack of turmeric mixed with curd and besan mixed with curd. Since it’s almost time for Navratri and you must be excited for Garba nights.

How do you intend to take care of your skin during the festival season?

I feel, festival or no festival, one should follow their skincare routine diligently. Our skin requires care all year round, not just during the festive season. So there’s no extra care that I take during the festive season, but on the days I am working, I do make sure to remove my makeup completely with a gentle cleanser. On the days when I’m not working, I let my skin breathe and do not put any kind of makeup.

Talking about the festive season, tell us how you are planning to celebrate Navratri?

I love celebrating Navratri and the whole festive vibe of this season. In these new normal times, I decided to join short video platform Moj and share the fun loving side of my personality with my fans.

How do you deal with skin issues that arise due to festive season makeup, binge eating and late nights?

I’m immune to binge eating, festival season makeup and late nights, so it doesn’t affect me much. But I keep myself hydrated as much as possible because I believe it helps to flush out all the toxins that accumulate as a result of not eating right and not getting enough sleep. So far, drinking plenty of fluids has been my go-to remedy for dealing with skin problems.

Do you meditate and pay attention to your diet to maintain healthy skin?

Yes, I do meditate and keep a check on my diet in order to maintain healthy skin. I am a firm believer in meditation being a powerful way to balance life. And I believe that understanding your dietary requirements for a healthy skin is completely magical.

Share three things you do for glowing skin before sleeping.

I cleanse and moisturise my face with a face oil before going to bed. I do not tone my skin at night.

But toning is an important part of my morning skincare routine. One skincare advice that you would like to give to your fans. I recommend rubbing an ice cube on your face once a week. It improves elasticity and aids in the

development of collagen on your face. And, as I previously stated, “less is more,” so stick to a basic

skincare routine and avoid overdoing it, as this can harm your skin.

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