Croatian wines to be served at Biden’s inauguration

The inauguration of the Joe Biden there will be a touch of Croatia, as Croatian wines will be served, reports Dubrovnik Net.

President-elect, Joe Biden, and his vice-president, Kamala Harris, are due to be sown in on the steps of the Capitol on the 20th of January. The inauguration ceremony will be slightly more modest due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the ceremony will also be available to view virtually. After a tumultuous end to Donald Trump’s presidency, which saw violent demonstrations at the same sight of the upcoming inauguration, Joe Biden is hoping for a calmer period.

And the new American President and his team will enjoy a touch of Croatia, as wines from the Pelješac peninsular vineyards will be served. The Croatian wine in question is a wine that covers both sides on the Atlantic, for although the vineyards are based in Croatia they are owned by an American family. At Joe Biden’s inauguration wines from the Benmosche Family Dingač and Benmosche Family Zinfandel will be served. Truly a great promotion for Croatian wines, and indeed Pelješac wines, as the whole event will be covered by the world’s media.

So how did wines from Croatia end up on the table of the President’s inauguration? The vineyards in question were started by Robert H. Benmosche, the former head of the world’s largest insurance group, AIG, and also a former advisor to President Barack Obama. Benmosche, who was a passionate lover of Dalmatian wines, planted the vines in 2006 on the terraced slopes of Dingač. After Benmosche passed away in 2015, but his family continued working on the vineyards. The wine making on Pelješac continued under the watchful eye of the famous winemaker, Marija Mrgudić, who Benmosche refered to as his “boss” when he arrived in Pelješac. In fact, Benmosche fell in love with the area so much that he bought a luxurious sea-front villa in Dubrovnik.

And now Benmosche’s labour of love will be served at Joe Biden’s inauguration, fitting recognition for his hard work and dedication.


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