Eduardo Dingler, Wine to Sake: Xavier Cervantes’ quest | Wine

Jero and their two larger-than-life Irish wolfhounds greeted us and introduced us to the family, his mother, Ceci, and sisters, Ana and Ximena. We proceeded to the back porch, which provides a breathtaking view of the vineyards.

We next explored the property with Jero at the wheel, climbing the roads in their agile off-road vehicle.

The tour included trails lined with various native vegetation, rows of manicured vines and a brief reservoir pit stop. Beside the water, while enjoying a sip of wine we were greeted by their friendly horses who curiously made their way into the conversation.

“We love the outdoors and being in touch with nature,” Jero explained. “We run daily, hike and ride the horses across the property, exploring every corner.”

After the fascinating drive, we got back to the house where Xavier awaited and greeted us with a sip of tequila as he proudly gave us a brief history of his quest for this land.

Xavier, a successful entrepreneur, was born in Mexico where he developed a love for wine and the outdoors. He set his sights on Napa where he envisioned his dream of owning a vineyard. The seven-year quest culminated when he found this perfect spot.

The table was set and Ceci, who has a culinary gift, invited us to sit down as the wines were poured. A flavorful and aesthetically pleasing plate of enchiladas served as an excellent pairing for the duo of soon-to-be-released estate wines.

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