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Susan had wanted to take yoga for years because it just looked like so much fun, and she finally decided to take the initiative and sign up for a class at her local gym. She was so excited and looking forward to her first class in just a few days. Since she had been following yoga for a few years now, she had learned quite a bit of yoga information about the many physical benefits that yoga provided. However, she really wanted to learn some yoga tips that people like her should know before starting new yoga programs.

Susan wanted to spend a few days before her class started to gather some yoga tips to make sure she was prepared for the class. She gave her instructor at the gym a call, and she also got some more information from a few of her friends who had been taking yoga for years. So what are some good yoga tips that you need to know before your first class? Here are a few of the most important things you need to know before you get started:

• Apparel. Many people will wear general athletic apparel to a yoga class, and that is perfectly acceptable and appropriate. Others will choose to wear some of the clothing designed just for yoga. Whatever you wear, be sure that it is comfortable so that you can enjoy your class to the fullest.

• Yoga Mat. Chances are, your gym or yoga studio will provide you with the option of borrowing a communal mat, but most people will bring their own mats to class simply for hygiene reasons. If you want to buy your own mat, keep in mind that sticky mats are a great choice for beginners.

• Hydration. You may not think of yoga as an aerobic workout, but you absolutely need to make an effort to hydrate before, during and after your class. Be sure to bring along a water bottle to hydrate during your water breaks.

• Class Choice. You can find a wonderful selection of classes at most locations. If you have never tried yoga before, regardless of your fitness level, you will want to start with a beginner class and move to more advanced classes only after you have mastered the beginner poses.

Taking time to gather together some yoga tips before your first class is a great idea. You will have a far better time during your class when you come prepared for the activity. Have a great time at your first class with these tips in mind!

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