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Yoga asanas for a healthy spine

There is no doubt to the fact that you are as young as your spine is flexible! For a healthy and fit body, one must have a strong spine. An unhealthy spine with weak muscles can cause a lot of unwanted disabilities. The spine is made up of strong bones, flexible ligaments and tendons and highly sensitive nerves.

And, like we say, prevention is better than cure! Here are 5 yoga asanas you must do to have a strong, happy, flexible and healthy spine. These asanas not only help you to have a strong spine but also reduce back pain.

Bridge pose: Bridge pose stretches the spine, back, thighs ang hip flexors. It opens up the chest, shoulders and heart. If you suffer from stress, fatigue, anxiety, continuous headaches then you must try this asana. If you are an insomniac, bridge pose is “The Asana” for you.

Tip: If you have a knee or back injury, avoid doing this asana.

Cobra pose: Bhujangasana or cobra pose is one of the most opted for yoga asana when it comes to back strengthening. It is one of the poses that is beneficial for the entire body- right from head to toe. It stretches your entire body and it is utmost beneficial for the spine.

Bow pose: Bow pose completely stretches the spine and thighs. It is not only helpful to attain a healthy spine but also helps to ease menstrual pain by increasing the blood flow. Give it a shot!

Boat pose:This is a fun way to test your balance and strengthen the spine. It also stretches the shoulder muscles and gives a complete stretch to your back.

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