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HELPING HANDS: Yoga therapist aims to help heal people in Ridgway | News

RIDGWAY — Julie Stahl, founder of “Stretch Your Mind Yoga Therapies,” is on a mission to help people through the practice of yoga therapy.

The yoga space is located in Greg Petrosky’s physical therapy building at 1 South St.

Stahl was formerly hosting sessions at Peaces of Me studio on Main Street alongside Founder Cheryl Oknefski, prior to moving to her own space in June. Stahl still teaches there when needed, and she and Oknefski are friends with the same interests.

Much about yoga therapy, Stahl believes, is simply misunderstood – it can be a very effective and natural form of pain management, and can even help people struggling with addiction and mental illness.

“A lot of it is about focusing on your mindset,” she said.

Stahl is a certified Svaroopa Yoga, Vata-Asana Aerial Yoga and Reiki practitioner, as well as an Embodyment Yoga therapist. She offers private yoga sessions customized to a person’s individual needs and issues.

Breathing therapy is also a powerful practice that Stahl believes can relieve pain quickly and jump start healing.

“Embodyment yoga therapy is a simple, yet powerful, hands-on healing therapy that unravels the tensions in your body from the spine outward,” said Stahl.

Svaroopa yoga poses use careful alignments and are personalized, using poses to target specific parts of the spine and release muscles in the body.

Stahl’s interest in yoga therapy really started following an accident her son was in when he was 10 years old, where he was severely burned in a gasoline fire, and she helped him to recover when he returned home.

Many turn to yoga to bring peace into their lives, using the incorporation of breathing exercises, meditation and poses that “encourage relaxation and reduce stress,” according to Stahl.

The sessions take place in a room that exemplifies peace, with calming colors and a soothing vibe that Stahl strives to provide.

Her ultimate goal is to help people who are in pain, offering alternatives to surgery and pain medicine. Much of what she teaches is about being “fully aware” of one’s self, said Stahl. Yoga therapy is unique, as it is more of one-on-one based and individualized, focused on the releasing of muscles.

Stahl, who has been doing yoga for 25 years, has fibromyalgia, and has used these techniques as well, helping herself with issues like pain and depression.

Yoga therapy is not a “quick fix,” but a long-term solution, and one Stahl fully believes in. She never anticipated being a yoga teacher, but felt it was where life led her.

“All I want to do is help people,” she said.

Stahl noted that she also aims to make sessions as affordable as possible for clients.

Call to schedule 814-512-2436 to schedule an appointment, and find “Stretch Your Mind Yoga Therapies” on Facebook.

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