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5 Yoga destinations in India to find absolute calm and peace

Yoga is an ancient practice that involves certain postures and poses, concentration and deep breathing exercises that have proven to be extremely beneficial for overall health and wellbeing. Taking origin from India, yoga lovers have taken over the country in the quest to find places to practice the art of yoga and meditation.

Regular yoga practice can improve your physical and mental health, improve your stamina, boost immunity and boost confidence. The importance of yoga in our lives today is incredible. It not only keeps us physically fit and improves our endurance level, but it also improves our mental health and keeps us balanced. For someone who loves yoga, it can be a task to find the perfect place and atmosphere to practice yoga.

Hence, we bring you a well-curated list of 5 destinations in India where you can practice yoga. Surrounded by nature and tranquillity, these places will bring you a peaceful state of mind.


Rishikesh is rightfully named the ‘Yoga capital of the World’ as it is truly one of the best places to practice yoga. It is located on the foothills of the Himalayas, offers scenic views and a serene atmosphere to meditate and perform Surya namaskar. The town features various temples where you can find peace or go on a spiritual journey.


Find a spot perched on one of the rocks in Hampi and practice meditation for hours in isolation. This place is a favourite among history buffs and yoga lovers. The magnificent views of the rocks and ancient ruins make Hampi a paradise for yoga lovers.


If you want unaltered views of the sea while you practice yoga then this is the ideal place for you. It is not too crowded by visitors, you can find a spot in isolation and practice yoga on the waterfront with uninterrupted views of the blue waters. It is one of the best places to unwind and practice the art of yoga.


A spiritual retreat for many and an ideal town for all yoga lovers, this place is all that a yoga person can dream of. If you are in the pursuit of finding peace and practice yoga and meditation, this is the perfect place to be at. It offers sustainable living and an atmosphere that will give you a meditation experience like no other.


A nature’s paradise, Kerala is an absolute beauty and a visual treat to the eyes. With the sound of birds, lush greenery around you, encapsulated by the stunning backwaters, Kerala is the ideal place to practice yoga and meditation.

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