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Lenovo officially announced the launch of the Lenovo Yoga 16s 2022

In September 2021, Lenovo’s New Media and User Marketing Director released a new inventory that discusses the new products that are to be launched by the company in the month of September and October. Among the various products listed on the inventory was the Lenovo Yoga 16s 2022 notebook which was slotted to be launched in October, True to its word on October 9, the tech giant announced the launch of the laptop through its various social media accounts.

Very recently, Lenovo also launched a warm-up video of the same device which exposed the Lenovo Yoga 16s 2022 for the first time. The video shows that the device will be running on the Win11 operating system. Moreover, the laptop will come in a grey-black color with a built-in webcam and a numeric keypad. The short video also reveals that the laptop will come with support for touch screen operation. As the launch date of the device is inching closer, more and more details about the device are coming to light.

The notebook features a 16-inch screen that offers a color resolution of 2560x 1600 pixels. Additionally, the screen also supports 500 nits of brightness and an HDR high dynamic range, and 100% sRGB color gamut coverage. The display screen will offer a refresh rate of 120Hz and 10-bit color along with supporting touch operations.

Microsoft has also started to offer free upgrade services for the official version of the operating system Windows 11 only to those computers or laptops running on eligible Windows 10. However, Lenovo has started to sell a number of their products, including the Lenovo Yoga, already equipped with Windows 11. Those Lenovo Yoga models that meet the eligibility criteria imposed by Microsoft will get the Windows 11 update which the company will start to push out starting October 5th 2021.

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