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Try this simple yoga flow to combat period pains

We promise it’s better than hiding under your quilt (Getty)

Picture the scene.

You’ve woken up with two new spots, a foul mood and the feeling of a thousand tiny knives hacking away at your uterus.

It’s a feeling that’s all too familiar to many of us and, if you’ve experienced them, you’ll know period cramps are a bloody nightmare.

While the immediate instinct is usually to grab a hot water bottle, a family-sized chocolate bar and hibernate under the duvet, movement can actually go a long way in easing the pain.

We’re not talking anything strenuous, like a run or a HIIT workout, but a short yoga flow could be the perfect antidote to those pesky pains.

Yoga instructor Francesca Elliott has shared the five best yoga poses to fight off menstrual cramps.

‘This is the perfect yoga sequence to do when you’re struggling with period pain,’ she tells

‘These poses should help calm the mind and relieve any tension you may be holding in the body, whilst easing any cramps you may have.’

Repeat each pose one after the other and then repeat the full sequence as many times as you like, making sure to concentrate on your breath.

Five yoga poses to combat period pain

Remember, yoga isn’t supposed to hurt. Always ease out of a pose if you feel any pain, especially if you’re working with injuries.

Corpse pose

Take stock of how you feel as you begin the sequence (Francesca Elliott)

Lay down on your mat, legs straight.

Place one hand on your heart and one hand on your stomach.

Focus on your breath.

As you inhale, feel the rib cage expanding, as you exhale, feel everything deflate.

Remaining here for five full breaths.

Allow the mind and body to relax and notice how you feel while observing your breath.

Bound-angle pose

This pose is great for easing cramps (Francesca Elliott)

Lay on your back with the soles of the feet together, knees out to the side and take five deep breaths.

This pose really helps to stimulate your abdominal region, easing any cramps you may have. 

Knees to chest 

The perfect way to relieve tension (Francesca Elliott)

Staying on your back, hug both knees into your chest.

Start to massage the lower spine by taking small circles with the knees in one direction and then the other. 

Stay here as long as you need.

This is the perfect way to relieve tension by massaging your abdominal region.

Supine twist

Add a pillow under the knees for support (Francesca Elliott)

Laying on your back, extend your arms out to a “T” shape and drop both knees over to one side.

Stay here for five breaths.

Pop a pillow under your knees if they don’t touch the floor and allow the rib cage to expand.

Breathe into the twist, allowing the breath to guide you.

Repeat on the other side.

Child’s pose

Allow the mind to settle (Francesca Elliott)

Make your way into your child’s pose.

Knees together, toes touching – you also have the option to widen the knees if you would like to.

Relax the arms down by your side and rest your forehead on the mat or use a pillow if you need to.

Stay here for five deep breaths and allow the mind to settle and let the body feel relaxed, melting away any tension.

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