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The power of yoga in relation to wellness

Elise Jones, a Yoga Therapist and Trainer joined hour one of GTU to share what yoga can do to improve one’s way of living. Yoga can contribute to the healing process by allowing the person to feel more grounded and less distressed when experiencing symptoms.

Jones founded Utah Yoga and Wellness in 2015 as an information website dedicated to bringing communities together through wellness in a fun and lighthearted way. From 2018 to 2020, ‘Unity in CommUnity,’ which began as a family-run Studio/Wellness/Training center with 24 instructors/therapists, expanded into a family-run Studio/Wellness/Training facility.

Jones believes that great outcomes and total wellness may be achieved by the combination of friendship, determination, and a little laughing. Maintaining a more genuine and intimate connection to the community adds value to one’s health and well-being. 

Through classes, community wellness activities, and outsourcing to collaborating local health providers, The Jones family provides wellness options for people of all ages. 

Utah Yoga and Wellness is hosting a Yoga Retreat in Mexico. Registration is still open! This is a chance for an incredible Wellness Adventure in Yelapa, Mexico’s gorgeous, isolated seaside community. Every day will be filled with jungle or marine activities while living in paradise. More details are on the Utah Yoga and Wellness website. 

If you or a friend is interested, follow the links below! 

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Website: Utah Yoga and Wellness

Instagram: @EliseJonesYoga


FaceBook: @EliseJonesYoga

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