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What's included with your turnkey websites?

You get the website including all files, content, database, and graphics.  To get the website up and running, you’ll need a hosting account and a domain name to install it under.

If you purchase a website + domain pkg, the domain name is included. You will need to renew it after the first year.

Are there any other costs or charges for my website?

The additional charges you will have to pay is the domain name and website hosting charge. This will vary depending on which company you use.

Do you limit the number of copies of each website?

Yes. We limit the amount of each website before redesigning the site and adding new content. For custom sites, you will have the only one.

What else do I need to do with my website?

Once set up, it does not take much work to maintain it, but you will want to grow your site by adding more articles. This can be managed from the site control panel.

You will also need to market your website. Banner rotation websites and social media ads aer very cost effective.

Do your websites include support?

Yes. We provide support for any website purchased from us. You will need to submit a Support Request.

Please note that we will not provide free support for problems that result from something you did to the site.

Do you manage the website for me?

Yes and No. The operation and maintenance is completely up to you. Advertising and promotion, are not included with the purchase of this website.

We do offer website maintenance service for an additional cost. Details can be found on the Services page

Is the website easy to edit?

Yes. All features and content are managed from the admin panel.

How does automatic content work?

A WordPress plugin is installed that will search Google News and Youtube via keyword(s) that you can change. This feed will pull in one new site topic related headline at whatever interval you choose. The articles are found in the News category of the website and will also appear under Recent Posts on the sidebar.

Can I have a refund if I don't like the website?

We don’t offer refunds. Due to the digital nature of our products and the fact that the website files are delivered immediately upon purchase and downloads tracked, we have a strict “no refunds” policy. Please view the demo site and ask any questions prior to purchase so that you know exactly what you’re getting.

Can I change the existing content on my new website?

Yes. The articles and content can be edited and changed to anything you wish. You can add additional content, banners, affiliate links, and any other changes you prefer as you have 100% ownership of the site.

How long will website installation take?

Please allow 2 Business Days from receiving the required information from you. Usually, your site will be done sooner.

Do you provide installation instructions?

Yes. Complete installation instructions are included with each website purchased. If you need any help, simply visit our support desk to open a support request.

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