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Complete WordPress Security

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Our Blog Security Service Will Secure YOUR WordPress Site From 99.9% Of All Hacker, Bot And Brute Force Attacks.


Did you know …

  • Over 30 THOUSAND websites are hacked DAILY
  • Over 73% of CURRENT WordPress sites are vulnerable to hackers
  • Getting hacked can not only compromise YOUR data & profits, but also that of your entire subscriber base – and if that happens, you can face legal AND financial charges

It’s a pretty grim picture, but it’s the reality.

On average, it takes a webmaster 152 days to even realize his or her site has been hacked.

In ALL that time, the site owner can be losing traffic, compromising their subscriber base, and unknowingly presenting FRAUDULENT offers to visitors and potentially be facing CRIMINAL charges, fines and court time – in addition to a MASSIVE loss of business and being PERMANENTLY blacklisted by the search engines.

intellectual products stolen

An Estimated TRILLION Dollars Of Intellectual Property STOLEN

Once hacked, it’s too easy for attackers to share your paid products on blackhat and torrent sites.

Some product creators have had this happen EVEN BEFORE they launched their product. All that work – and potential profit – gone.

website security service

Our WordPress Blog Security Service will Secure YOUR Site From 99.9% Of All Hacker, Bot And Brute Force Attacks

Relax, knowing that your money sites, digital products and subscriber lists are completely secure. Continue to build your business knowing that your traffic ISN’T being compromised.

How Will Your WordPress Blog Security Service Lock Down My Websites?

We’ve left absolutely nothing to chance. We START with the 4 most vulnerable points of attack for any WP site:

  • Protect against hosting and PC malware
  • Protect against hackers trying to compromise themes
  • Protect against password & direct attacks
  • Protect against plugin vulnerability

That’s Just For Starters – Our Blog Security Service Goes Many Steps Further:

  • Hide your WP version, stopping most hackers in their tracks
  • Turn off username broadcasting, cutting a hacker’s chance to attack your site in half
  • Disable directory indexing, so hackers can’t access your uploaded files to launch an attack
  • Mask theme exposure and plugin signatures – shutting down most potential exploits
  • Protect the Admin location thus removing any admin login vulnerability

Hackers Have MANY WAYS To Attack Your Site – Our Blog Security Service Slams The Door In Their Face

Purchase our WordPress Blog Security Service and RELAX Knowing your sites are secured so you can focus on building your business and profits, knowing your sites are protected.

Service includes:

  • Fully Licensed Software and Installation
  • Software Configuration
  • WordPress Configuration


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